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Tips For Quickly and Cleanly Changing Your Lamy Fountain Pen Nib

Lamy fountain pens are perfect for producing elegant, professional-looking handwriting and signatures, and there’s a wide selection of different nibs to choose from, depending on the effect you want to achieve.  However, changing fountain pen nibs can be a little messy if you go about it the wrong way. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to change your Lamy fountain pen nib quickly and cleanly.

What you’ll need

  • replacement nib
  • disposable gloves
  • a piece of paper
  • warm water
  • paper towel
  • sticky tape (for Method #2)

How to do it

Before you start either method, put on a pair of disposable gloves to protect your fingers from ink stains.  If you want to use the second method, you can obtain purpose-specific tape from your Lamy pen supplier.

Method #1 – The pen cap method

  1. Start off by removing the cap from your pen.  Turn your pen over and lay it on its back on a piece of paper.  
  2. Take the pen cap, turn it upside down, and place the rim on the very end of the nib.  
  3. Now, very gently push down on the cap with one hand, and firmly pull the pen with your other hand.  The nib should come off easily.  
  4. Wash the removed nib in clean, warm water to get rid of any residual ink, and dry it with a paper towel.  
  5. Turn your Lamy fountain pen over and carefully slide the replacement nib into position, following the guides.  You’ll hear a ‘click’ when the nib is firmly in place.

Method #2 – The tape method

  1. Begin by rinsing your pen nib under warm water to get rid of any ink.  Dry the nib thoroughly with a paper towel.  This step is important because the tape won’t stick properly if the nib is dirty or wet.  
  2. Cut a piece of tape about three or four centimetres long.  Lay the tape over the nib as close to the pen body as possible.  It’s important that you don’t put the tape over the part of the nib through which the ink flows.  Sticky tape residue here could prevent smooth ink flow and damage your pen.  
  3. Press the tape down firmly so that it sticks to the nib.   Now, pull the tape gently and slowly away from the body of the pen; the nib should slide off.  
  4. Now you can fit your new nib as described in step #5 above.

In conclusion

You can quickly and simply replace your Lamy fountain pen nib by following the guidelines above.  For more advice on choosing and replacing fountain pen nibs, have a chat with your local Lamy pen supplier.

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Some Important Reminders When Buying Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is not jewelry you would wear every day, but includes expensive and rare stones and metals and is valued higher than most other jewelry pieces. For many people, fine jewelry is an investment and a luxury, so it’s good to know how to buy it without getting scammed or winding up with a piece that is actually worth much less than you paid for it. Note a few simple but very important reminders when you’re ready to buy some pieces of fine jewelry.

Treating colored stones

Colored stones such as rubies and emeralds are always treated with something to enhance their color; this doesn’t mean you’re getting a synthetic stone or something of less value. A natural stone is usually heated in order to be cut and then pigments added, and this treatment is somewhat standard.

However, silicon and colored glass are sometimes added to even real stones in order to enhance their appearance and make them stronger, and these materials greatly affect their value. Remember that gemstones are valued, not just by appearance, but also by their weight. Adding silicon or glass can artificially boost their weight. The only way to ensure you don’t get a gemstone with silicon or colored glass is to have it inspected by a jeweler, who can tell the difference between these materials and the standard treatments added to these stones.

Flaws are hidden under prongs of jewelry pieces

If you’re looking to invest in diamonds in particular, you want to inspect them loose rather than after they’ve been placed in a setting. This is because the flaws of a diamond and other similar gemstone may be hidden under the prongs that hold it into place. If you examine the piece while it’s in a ring or other setting, you cannot see clearly that bottom side and may overlook some cloudiness, black flecks, or even a poorly cut gemstone.

A setting can also hide the actual weight of a gemstone and this too can undermine its value, as mentioned above. Note that a gemstone weight doesn’t mean how much it actually weighs but refers to the density of the stone; the denser the stone, the more valuable it is. You cannot get an accurate weight of a stone when it’s in a setting. Teputable jewellers will usually be willing to oblige if you ask for a stone to be removed from its setting, or be sure to examine stones before having them set in a piece.

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Tips For Newbie Pistol Shooters On The Gun Range

Pistol shooting is an enjoyable and addictive pastime, whether you shoot purely for the personal challenge of improving your aim or take part in competitions.  If you’re new to the sport, there are a few things you should bear in mind before you head off to the shooting range.  Read on for some helpful newbie pistol shooter tips. 

Gun handling safety essentials

The first thing that must be at the forefront of your mind when attending the shooting range is safety.  Staff at the range will give you a full safety briefing on your first visit, but meanwhile here are four key rules.

  1. Always carry your weapon with your finger OFF the trigger.  
  2. Keep your pistol holstered and with the safety in the on position at all times when you are not on the range’s firing line.  
  3. Always regard your pistol as ‘loaded’.  
  4. Concentrate on the target and the area immediately behind it (the ‘backstop’).

Size matters

Although you don’t want to buy a huge weapon, it’s important for your comfort that you choose something that isn’t too small.  The reason for this is that very small pistols have a much more vicious kick than big ones.  Something like a medium or large 9mm has a modest kick and is much easier to handle than a tiny.22 or .38.

A knowledgeable range buddy

Aside from the fact that it’s much more fun to go to the gun range with a group or with a friend, it’s also much safer for newbies.  An experienced range buddy will be able to give you the benefit of their knowledge of safety and range etiquette so you’re visit will be safer and much more fun too.

Semi-automatic pistol safety

A big mistake made by many newbies with semi-automatic weapons is to place their thumb on the top of the pistol slide.  This is the part of the weapon that recoils when fired and can cause a nasty injury if your thumb is in the way when you take your shot.  To avoid injury, put your thumbs on top of each other and well away from the slide.

Suitable clothing

When you go shooting, you must dress suitably for the occasion.  For example, don’t wear flip-flops, open-toed sandals or high heels. 

Most importantly, never opt for a ‘V’ neck top or shirt.  This is because a funnel effect is created when you take your shot, sending the round directly down the front of your top – ouch!

In conclusion

Pistol shooting is great fun and you can maximise your enjoyment as a newbie by following the shooting range tips given above.

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Who Should Use a Migration Agent for Entering Australia?

You are not legally obligated to use a migration agent for entering Australia, but it’s often recommended that you employ this type of professional when applying for a long-term visa of any sort. They can ensure you are filling out the right forms and that the forms are completed properly and can also help when you need a translator to assist. Note a few other reasons to use a migration agent for entering Australia and what circumstances might especially warrant their assistance.

When you’re in a same-sex relationship

Australia does not yet recognize same-sex marriages; however, someone in a same-sex relationship may be allowed to enter the country using a de facto partnership visa. This visa is applied to long-term, committed relationships between couples who are not married; even if you have a marriage license from another country that recognizes a same-sex relationship, it would not be used for an actual spouse visa to enter Australia. You would, however, be able to apply as a de facto couple if one individual was already an Australian citizen or had permanent residency in Australia. If you are part of a same-sex couple and wish to bring your partner into the country, work with a migration agent to ensure you apply for the right type of visa, given your circumstances.

If you have a criminal record

A substantial criminal record may keep you from being able to apply for a visa to enter Australia, and a migration agent can explain what is meant by “substantial” and if this would apply for you. Note that this would depend on, not just the crime itself, but the length of any prison sentence and other punishment applied. You might also be denied a visa if you were part of an organization that was involved in criminal activity. Rather than assuming anything about your own criminal record, work with a migration agent who can review the facts of your past record and help determine if it would cause your visa application to be denied.

If you’re a refugee

There are many different programs in Australia for those who are refugees or who may need to apply for political asylum. This can be applied to those who may have entered Australia illegally, without proper paperwork and a visa, because of an emergency situation. Rather than assuming you will be in some type of trouble if this describes your situation, work with a migration agent to apply for refugee status, because you may be afforded special protection due to your circumstances.

For more information about entering Australia under special circumstances, contact a company like Fisa Pty Ltd.

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Troubleshooting Some Common Forklift Problems

A good forklift should last for years without any major problems, but of course it can suffer some needed repairs as parts break down or the piece is simply misused. Knowing what to look for when you have problems with your forklift can tell you if you can handle the repair on your own or if you need to call a repair professional. Troubleshooting these common problems will also tell you what you might expect by way of repair bills. Note a few tips when it comes to addressing common forklift problems.

1. Overheating

One common cause of overheating with a forklift is a broken fan belt. The fan needs to run to keep the engine cool as the forklift is in use, and when the belt breaks, the fan shuts down. You can often see the fan belt at the front of the engine compartment and may have noticed squealing or other sounds before it broke, as this often means the belt is getting brittle or torn. You may be able to replace this belt on your own; replacements parts are often available from the forklift manufacturer, and this will get the fan running again.

2. Pulling, bumping, or difficulty steering

If the forklift is difficult to control because it pulls to one side or if it seems to bump up and down as you drive, this is usually a problem with the wheels. Note if there is damage to rubber wheels for lighter forklifts, as any chips or indentations can cause difficulty controlling the forklift. For rubber tires, note if the tread is unevenly worn or even torn in certain areas. Changing the tires and giving the forklift an alignment once new tires are installed can usually address this problem.

3. Lift problems

If your forklift is struggling to lift any load, and if you’ve ruled out the chance that the load is simply too heavy, note if it needs hydraulic fluid. The hydraulics used by many forklifts have fluid inside that creates the pressure needed to lift the forks. When this fluid is low, there isn’t enough pressure built up for lifting. They hydraulics could also be clogged with debris or dirt, or there may be excessive debris along the masts that lift the forks. Clean this area thoroughly and do this often, especially if your facility is especially dusty or you work with oils and other contaminants that may cling to the masts.

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Some Simple Tips for Buying the Right Line Marking Stencils

Having your own inventory of line marking stencils used for creating lines, arrows, symbols, and the like on your parking lot or even inside a warehouse can allow you to create that signage on your own, without calling in a professional to paint them for you. Not all line marking stencils are alike, so it’s good to know what to look for before you shop. Note a few quick tips to keep in mind; this will ensure you opt for the right stencils for your facility and choose quality products that will last.

1. Material

Thin, lightweight cardboard stencils may be very cheap, and if you’re sure you’re only going to use the stencils once, they can be a good option. However, be sure you have plenty of thick tape you can use to keep the stencils in place as you paint, or they might easily shift in the slightest breeze. If you know you’ll use your stencils more than once, opt for a plastic material instead. Thin cardboard can easily get torn or otherwise damaged when held against the rough surface of asphalt or concrete, so that they can’t be used more than once or twice. They may also absorb moisture when they’re stored, so they shred and even warp.

2. Permanent stencils

Thermoplastic logos can be a good choice for when you want line markings that are permanent and very durable. These are made of a type of plastic that you actually melt into the pavement using a heat source, such as a torch. These stencils don’t need retouching or reapplying over the years, and can be good for very high traffic areas such as shipping docks where constant, heavy traffic might otherwise damage standard paints used with other types of stencils.

3. Line thickness

You may know the right overall size for a stencil, such as the legal required width and height for a handicapped spot in a parking lot, but note the line thickness of stencils as well. If you’re covering over old lines, you may want new stencils that are larger or wider in size, so the old lines don’t show through. There may also be local regulations that state how thick certain lines must be, such as lines that designate a stop sign or handicapped parking space. Be sure you look at more than just a stencil’s overall size but note the thickness of the lines when shopping, to ensure you’re compliant with regulations and make cover-up jobs easier on you.

For more information, contact A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd or a similar company.

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