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Who Should Use a Migration Agent for Entering Australia?

You are not legally obligated to use a migration agent for entering Australia, but it’s often recommended that you employ this type of professional when applying for a long-term visa of any sort. They can ensure you are filling out the right forms and that the forms are completed properly and can also help when you need a translator to assist. Note a few other reasons to use a migration agent for entering Australia and what circumstances might especially warrant their assistance.

When you’re in a same-sex relationship

Australia does not yet recognize same-sex marriages; however, someone in a same-sex relationship may be allowed to enter the country using a de facto partnership visa. This visa is applied to long-term, committed relationships between couples who are not married; even if you have a marriage license from another country that recognizes a same-sex relationship, it would not be used for an actual spouse visa to enter Australia. You would, however, be able to apply as a de facto couple if one individual was already an Australian citizen or had permanent residency in Australia. If you are part of a same-sex couple and wish to bring your partner into the country, work with a migration agent to ensure you apply for the right type of visa, given your circumstances.

If you have a criminal record

A substantial criminal record may keep you from being able to apply for a visa to enter Australia, and a migration agent can explain what is meant by “substantial” and if this would apply for you. Note that this would depend on, not just the crime itself, but the length of any prison sentence and other punishment applied. You might also be denied a visa if you were part of an organization that was involved in criminal activity. Rather than assuming anything about your own criminal record, work with a migration agent who can review the facts of your past record and help determine if it would cause your visa application to be denied.

If you’re a refugee

There are many different programs in Australia for those who are refugees or who may need to apply for political asylum. This can be applied to those who may have entered Australia illegally, without proper paperwork and a visa, because of an emergency situation. Rather than assuming you will be in some type of trouble if this describes your situation, work with a migration agent to apply for refugee status, because you may be afforded special protection due to your circumstances.

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