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Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Helping attract young families to an area with multifunctional facilities

If you are looking to attract young families to your local area or housing development it can be useful to do some town planning to create spaces that are open and inviting to young families. In many cases, this will also help to make the area more attractive to owners in other age groups. 

Wide and shaded walkways

For parents of young children, it’s important to be able to push strollers around the neighbourhood, as well as being able to take young preschoolers out on walks when they are toddling. Parents often appreciate shaded walkways in parks and public areas that are easy to traverse in both directions with wide strollers or meandering toddlers. It’s ideal to make sure these are separate from shared bike/walkways that are used for commuters, as corporate commuting bikers can often be headed at a very high speed compared to strollers. 

These kind of pathways are also attractive to the seniors with mobility issues, as they also like to share the path with slower walkers and prefer easy-to-traverse wide paths. 

Common meeting areas

Young parents often appreciate being able to meet up with similarly aged friends at the park, playground or library. It can be useful to plan in some non-commercial meeting areas in easy to access area, that people can use at low costs to help them feel able to head out into public spaces for social catch ups. This helps to build a sense of community.

These areas can also be useful for the disabled community or unemployed people, who often appreciate extra facilities for social and community connection outdoors. 


Parents of young children love the chance to take their children to well-designed playgrounds. These can also function as fitness centres for the wider community with items such as monkey bars being great for people to practise their pull-ups and activate upper body strength, which stairs and slides can be great for cardio workouts. By including some signage giving people some ideas of how they can use the equipment as adults you can maximise utilisation and help parents and the wider community find extra ways to stay healthy. 

Creating a family-friendly community is more complex than simply planning to add some extra play space to a development. However utilising a town planning approach as detailed here can help to create a range of spaces that are useful for residents of all ages and can help increase community cohesiveness.