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Why Exposed Timber Trusses Are Better than Steel Trusses

A truss is a framework of timber, steel or other material used to support the roof of a building. Exposed trusses refer to trusses that remain in clear view once the building is completed. This is because the ceiling is located above the trusses rather than below them. Many people prefer exposed trusses because they make a building have an atmosphere of openness. This article discusses why exposed timber trusses are better than steel exposed trusses.

They Are Less Costly

Exposed timber trusses are less costly than their steel counterparts are. One reason for this lower cost is that more labor that is skilled is needed to fabricate and install the steel trusses. This raises the cost of labor and increases the total cost of the installation. Another reason for steel trusses costing more is the cost of materials.

Steel is more expensive than timber because the steel has to be protected from corrosion and that raises the cost of production. It is therefore more cost-effective for you to install exposed trusses made from timber instead of steel exposed trusses.

Better Fire Resistance

In case a fire breaks out, steel exposed trusses are likely to succumb to fire more quickly than exposed timber trusses. As the surface of timber burns, its interior remains cool so the spread of the fire will be slower. However, steel gains heat uniformly so the steel trusses will quickly buckle under the heat. If fire outbreaks are a concern to you, use exposed timber trusses instead of trusses made from steel.

Better Thermal Insulation

Energy efficiency is a big concern because of the current drive towards sustainability. This is where timber trusses trounce steel trusses. Steel is a very good conductor of heat so you are likely to have higher energy bills since the steel will conduct heat away from the interior of the house during cold months. Timber is a poor conductor of heat so there will hardly be any heat loss from your home if you used exposed trusses made from timber.

The discussion above clearly shows that timber exposed trusses are superior to steel exposed trusses so make an informed decision when you are choosing between these materials. If you would like to learn more about exposed Oregon or timber trusses, then contact local contractors to get started on the process. They will likely let you know which type of trusses is most ideal for your home.

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