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How to Make the Most of a Café Refit

People who have just bought a café or owners wishing to revamp their premises are in the position of planning and undertaking a refit. In order to create the perfect blend of a relaxing place for customers to drink their coffee and a bright and conspicuous workplace for the staff to safely do their jobs, careful consideration must be given during the planning phase. In fact, using the environment to enhance both customer and staff experience is not only easy to do, but it may also increase the business’s income. Let’s look at some key ideas.

Staff Areas

As the staff work with hot machinery, it should always be well lit and allow the staff to see clearly. Many small cafes make the mistake, for the sake of atmosphere, to have the premises as dark as possible. This ultimately slows the staff down as well as increasing the number of accidents.

Also, take advantage of this well lit area to include some key colors to inspire your staff. For example, panels of blue will allow staff to enhance their performance in creative areas, while panels of red in the staff area help staff when they are working on detail-oriented tasks. Understand what positive effects some colors can have and add them into the café refit.

Add Background Sound

Some companies produce sound tracks of everyday situations, such as conversations, and these can be purchased and used after you have refitted the café. These soundtracks of common background noises can help your customers to relax, and your staff to focus in on their work. A moderate level of background noise help a customer to feel that they can close their eyes and relax. You can plan and design the speakers into your refit if you do not have speakers in the café already.

Use the Outside

Many cafes waste the opportunity to provide a small area outside of the café where people can drink their beverage and relax when the weather is nice. Even if you live in a cooler climate, people will appreciate the opportunity as it is may be  rare to sit in the sun and have a coffee. Having a smart and tidy  area outside also gives you the opportunity to have a great curb appeal, and attract more people into the café.

Use the refitting as an opportunity to improve your business, through planning the refit to benefit both customers and staff. For more tips or suggestions, consult resources like Fast Fitouts.

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