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How to Protect Your Plants from Frostbite

Some gardeners go overboard in their misguided efforts to protect their young plants from frostbite. For instance, they cover plants they recently got from a plant nursery with bed sheets that they keep washing and drying. Such methods don’t serve any useful purpose and they may even harm the plants. There are proven methods that gardeners can use to save their plants from frostbite. This article discusses some of them.

Water the Plants Thoroughly

One of the best ways to protect your plants, especially those that you recently got from a plant nursery, is to water them thoroughly. Plants that receive ample amounts of water, as well as soils that are moist, retain warmth much better than plants or soils that do not receive enough water. Thus, the simple step of watering your plants will protect them from frostbite and they will survive the winter.

Use Frost Protection Sheets

These can be bought as drawstring bags or as sheets. You can get these items online or in stores that sell gardening products. You can also ask plant nursery staff to advise you on where to find these sheets near you. Drape the plants to the ground level and leave these sheets or bags in place until the frosty weather ends. You need not worry about the safety of the plants; the sheets allow water as well as sunlight to get through so your plants will not die due to a lack of sunlight or water.

Keep Potted Plants under Eaves

You can protect your potted plants from exposure to frostbite by carrying them and keeping them under the eaves of your house. You can increase the protection of such plants by identifying the side of your house that faces away from the wind and then put those potted plants under the large windows there.

Use Anti-Transpirants

Anti-transpirant sprays are also good at protecting plants from frostbite. They stop the plants from losing moisture each time there are strong winds or when temperatures drop. As had been pointed out earlier, plants that get enough moisture suffer minimally from frostbite and that is why these sprays are so helpful.

The measures above may not cost you a lot of money yet the benefits are many. You will not spend anxious days wondering whether your plants will survive the harsh weather. For any additional queries you may have on what extra steps you can take to protect your plants from frostbite, talk to the personnel at the plant nursery near you or a place like The Greenery Garden Centre and they will help you out.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Flora & Fauna Surveys

Before commencing on any construction project, you need to have an environmental impact assessment carried out in order to ascertain whether your building project will have profound negative impact on the environment. Flora and fauna assessment is often part of the environmental impact assessment and is often done by flora and fauna consultants. The article below discusses a few of the most commonly asked questions about flora and fauna surveys

What Are the Types of Flora and Fauna Surveys?

Before you set out to hire a flora and fauna consultant, you need to understand the different types of surveys that he or she can undertake. Some consultants specialize in one of the two types of flora and fauna surveys while others are specialists in both.

Flora and fauna surveys are categorized as biodiversity or ecological surveys. Biodiversity surveys are used as a measure of the degree of bio-diversity within a specific area. Information gotten from a biodiversity survey will help you better understand the impact of changing land use. It will also help you to undertake an assessment of the conservation values of the survey area in addition to documenting the natural heritage.

On the other hand, ecological surveys are aimed at establishing the distribution of individual plant or animal species or several closely-related species. Ecological surveys are preferred when there is need for precise quantitative data relating to the area under survey.

What Are the Objectives of Flora and Fauna Surveys?

Regardless of the type of survey, flora and fauna surveys often have similar objectives.

A flora and fauna survey can help to answer a number of habitat-related observations. For example, the flora and fauna survey can help to explain why the population of a particular animal species is decreasing, or why that species prefers a different habitat and so on. It also helps to determine whether plant and animal populations in the survey area will need to be relocated to give way for construction projects.

The information collected via flora and fauna surveys is also used to formulate appropriate plant and animal conservation policies and strategies that protect plant and animal life without being a hindrance to development. Application of the mentioned policies and strategies also help to ensure that development is not given priority at the expense of the natural environment.

For more objectives of flora and fauna surveys, contact local flora and fauna consultants such as Australian Ecological Research Services Pty Ltd.

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3 Signs That A Lift Needs Immediate Maintenance And Repair

A lift or elevator should be checked regularly so it’s properly maintained and always safe. Between routine checks, it’s good to know some signs that may signal the lift needs immediate attention. If you’re in charge of a lift in any building, consider a few of those signs here.

1. When the car doesn’t stop flush with the floors

When the car of a lift stops, it should be completely flush or even with the floors of the building. If this stop is off even by a small amount, this could signal that the brakes of the car are failing or are malfunctioning. If the car doesn’t stop in time to be even with the floors, the brakes may not be squeezing the cables properly, but if the car stops too early, this may mean they’re squeezing too tightly.

Both of these problems can be caused by sensors, dust and debris in the brakes or cables that need replacing. Have these checked as the problem will typically get worse over time.

2. If the car bounces as it tries to stop

An elevator car should never bounce as this is usually a sign that the cables are worn or the brakes are not stopping it securely. Severe bouncing can mean that the brakes are squeezing and then releasing the cables as opposed to gently squeezing them to stop. The cables could also be worn so that the car bounces as the brakes squeeze the worn areas. Have this checked immediately so adjustments can be made or so the cables can be replaced.

3. If the lift makes any type of loud noise as it operates

A properly maintained lift shouldn’t make any noise as it operates. When you hear grinding this usually means the brakes are squeezing the cables too tightly, and if you hear squeaking this can mean the cables are too thin or are worn. Other noises can mean that dust and debris are building up along the cables and brakes or that certain parts are breaking down.

Whenever you hear any type of loud and obvious sound from a lift, have it checked immediately. Be sure you note the type of sound so a repair person can know where to start looking to make those repairs.

Note that you want to keep records and logs of when your lift is maintained and repaired so you know it’s being cared for properly, and so that a repair person knows what parts may have been overlooked during routine lift maintenance.

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Modern Day Steel Bending And The Advantage Of Induction

Steel bending is a specific manufacturing process that allows the deformation of the product in order to change its shape for a variety of different end uses. The steel in question is stressed to a specific degree that’s beyond what is known as its “yield” strength, but below its breaking point, or “tensile” strength. Of the various methods available, induction bending has specific advantages.

What Different Bending Methods Are Used In The Industry Today?

Five specific methods of bending are employed in the industry:

Cold bending is a process that is in widespread use within the construction industry and is also known as “rolling.” Where tight radii have to be achieved, rolling is felt to be the most economical approach. The machine rolls are configured in a pyramid shape and the steel is fed between these rolls. It’s shape is adjusted in accordance with the distance between each roll, as it is altered with each successive pass.

The process known as hot bending refers to steel that is exposed to extreme heat, such as a furnace or direct flame. The steel is heated directly in this fashion before being bent, and it is very common to find this application in repair processes.

Incremental bending is often used when a curve or camber needs to be developed according to a very large radii. A hydraulic press applies direct pressure to a specific point in order to bend the material.

Where complex bends are required in the automotive parts industry or for machining, a process known as rotary draw bending is employed. The steel in question is manipulated by turning it around a die. This application enables the production of very tight radii as the steel is drawn through the machine and the bend is formed.

The fifth method is known as induction bending. This uses an electric coil that applies heat to a small section, before it is pulled with a rotating action around a die, and cooled with water immediately thereafter.

What’s The Advantage Of Induction Bending?

Induction bending provides a number of distinct advantages. Since its introduction to the market in the 1960s, this process has enabled engineers to achieve highly precise control and to deliver projects quickly to a diverse array of industries. Today, the method allows for the formation of advanced shapes and complex dimensions through a highly automated and continuous process. Narrow sections of pipe can be heated and cooled with great precision, which enables the production of finished steel to a very particular shape.

CAD technology enables structures containing multiple curves to be designed and produced for a wide variety of different and uses. Some of these complex structures include sports or entertainment pavilions, large stadium roof beams and wide span bridges.

For more information, contact a company like Inductabend Pty Ltd.

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5 Ways To Update A Room On A Budget

If a room in your home feels somewhat drab and outdated, you don’t need to spend much money to give it an updated and fresh look. Very often a few simple changes can make any space feel more cozy or more modern, completely changing the look of the room. If you’re on a tight budget but want to make changes to your space, consider a few simple ways to do this.

1. Paint an accent wall

A fresh coat of paint can make any room feel updated and new, but if you can’t afford to paint the entire room or if you actually like the colour you already have, consider painting an accent wall. Choose the wall opposite the entrance to the room or the longest wall of the room and paint it a bright, bold colour. Opt for a shade that complements the room or the d├ęcor, but be sure it’s a colour that makes a statement.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Houseplants can do a lot to make a space seem cozy and inviting. If a room seems drab and plain, add a large live tree in one corner or put some houseplants on side tables and on top of the entertainment cabinet. Their green colour and a nice planter can be all you need to make a space seem fresh and new.

3. Slipcover the furniture

If your furniture is in good shape structurally but just looks worn and outdated, buy a slipcover. This is an easy and affordable way to make it look like you have brand new furniture pieces. Slipcovers today come in elastic or zippered styles so they fit more easily and stay in place. They can fit a wide variety of furniture pieces.

4. Swap out your artwork

Sometimes your room is not so drab, but the artwork is old and tired. You might consider swapping out the pictures and other elements you have in the room for something new, and this may make the entire space seem updated. Choose fabric canvases for a soft touch or a bold frame for a modern space. Mirrors also bounce around light and make dark or small spaces look even bigger.

5. Change the window dressing

Your windows can be the focal point of a room, and changing the window dressing can be all that’s needed to make the space seem brand new. Try custom blinds for a simple and clean look that makes the space seem finished and that also doesn’t crowd a smaller space. For more ideas and options, contact a company like Winflo Curtains.

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